custom-made cartons for thermal paper roll

thermal paper cartons

special box made for you

Carbonless Paper Roll 75x70mm, 75x60mm

Carbonless Paper Roll

2 plys (white/white, white/yellow, white/pink, etc)
3 plys (white/white/white, white/pink/yellow, white/yellow, pink, etc)

75mm x 70mm, 75mm x 60mm, 76x76mm

plastic core or paper core

50 Rolls/Carton

MOQ and Price: 

Carbonless Paper Roll 75x70mm

How to load a paper roll in thermal printer

load paper roll


One point for thermal paper roll—THE CORE

To Dear Customers,

According to customers inquiries these days,  we notice that people care not only the paper quality, but also the core.

We have to offer what you need, so here I list some of our popular core size for you:

Generally, there are two types of core material. One is paper; the other is plastic.

1) For paper(Cardboard) core, we have 8 mm, 12.7 mm(1/2″), 13 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 25.4 mm(1″), 40 mm, etc.

2) For plastic core, we have normal core and honey-core. For normal one, it is 12.7 mm(1/2″), 13 mm, 18 mm, 25.4 mm(1″),etc. For honey-core, it is mostly in 7/16″ size.

Same as paper roll, core size is also custom made.

If you have specific request on core, please indicate in advance.

Thank you.


—-Thermal Paper Rolls manufacturer in China

paper core--thermal paper rollcore 2

What is a good thermal paper roll?

Thermal Paper Rolls are used in thermal printers for customer receipts, tickets, etc. Obviously, there are lots of brands of thermal printers popular, such as Epson, Zebra. For each model of the printer, it has the fixed paper roll size it needed. This makes easy for us to choose paper rolls for our printer.

Paper Roll Size:

The three key factors for roll size are width, diameter and length. The most popular width is 57mm (2 1/4″) and 80mm (3 1/8″), while 60mm, 70mm & 110mm for some other printers. For the diameter, it varies from 30mm to 250mm. Here comes length of roll. In a fixed paper roll size, such as 80x80mm, the lower paper gram mage is, the long meters this roll contains. You can use this roll for longer time.

What is a good thermal paper roll?

Do not say it is just a piece of paper. Paper is crucial to the machines.

For the specific printer, the paper roll size is fixed. So here comes the paper quality. When you get a paper roll at hand, please see the whiteness, smoothness, image sensitivity.

It’s your choice for the whiteness while it does not affect the usage.

For bad quality thermal roll, it is rough and coarse on front and back of paper. It is not lint free, so it leaves powder inside of the printer when you use it.  This is harmful to the printer and will reduce the life span of the machine. To protect it,  please pay attention to paper smoothness.

Image sensitivity is another important factor. People will find they see the image is clear or fuzzy on receipts from different shops. It does. Thermal Paper is coated with a chemical that is why it changes colors when exposed to heat. If the coated chemial is even and enough, the text showed on paper will be clear, black and crisp. A flame on back of paper for one second can change color of paper. A fingernail swiped quickly across the paper will also change it. This is the same theory. Please make sure the image is even and clear.

thermal paper roll with paper and plastic core55gsm thermal paper

Welcome to my Blog:

80mm x 80m x12mm 55gsm thermal paper roll

Thermal Paper Rolls 80mm x 80m

Width: 80mm
Length: 80m
Core: 12mm paper or plastic
Paper Type: Thermal
Paper Weight: 55gsm

  1. Packing: 50Rolls/Carton
  2. MOQ: 10000 Rolls
  3. Supply Ability: 500000 Rolls/Month
  4. Printing service: provided
  • High image sensitivity
  • clear, crisp, black image
  • smooth, lint free
  • red warning stripe

55gsm thermal paperThermal paper roll--Fuzhi Paper

Thermal Paper for First Data, Hypercom, VeriFone (50 Rolls)

Thermal Paper for First Data, Hypercom, VeriFone(50 Rolls)

Thermal Paper Roll 2 1/4″x85′
Width: 2 1/4″

This paper roll can be used for the following equipment: First Data FD-50, First Data 100ti, FD50, FD100ti, VeriFone P350, P355, Omni 470, Omni 3200, Omni 3200SE, Vx510, Vx570, NURIT 3010, LinkPoint AIO, LP9100-GPRS, PrintPoint 3000, Axalto MagIC 6000, Ingenico Scribe 607, E710, i5100, i7780, Aqua, ExaDigm XD1000, XD2000, XD2100, Thales Talento, Hypercom T4210, T4220 and T4230.
Thermal paper roll--Fuzhi Paper

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