One point for thermal paper roll—THE CORE

To Dear Customers,

According to customers inquiries these days,  we notice that people care not only the paper quality, but also the core.

We have to offer what you need, so here I list some of our popular core size for you:

Generally, there are two types of core material. One is paper; the other is plastic.

1) For paper(Cardboard) core, we have 8 mm, 12.7 mm(1/2″), 13 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 25.4 mm(1″), 40 mm, etc.

2) For plastic core, we have normal core and honey-core. For normal one, it is 12.7 mm(1/2″), 13 mm, 18 mm, 25.4 mm(1″),etc. For honey-core, it is mostly in 7/16″ size.

Same as paper roll, core size is also custom made.

If you have specific request on core, please indicate in advance.

Thank you.


—-Thermal Paper Rolls manufacturer in China

paper core--thermal paper rollcore 2

3 1/8″x230ft Thermal Paper Roll

3 1/8″x230ft Thermal Paper Roll

Width: 3 1/8″(80mm)
Length: 230ft(70 meters)
Paper Grammage:55gsm
1/2″ plastic core
Packing: 50 Rolls/Carton

China Manufacturer

Core&Packing–Thermal Paper Roll China manufacturer

Thermal Paper Roll China Manufacturer

thermal paper roll  core and packing--Fuzhi Paper

1. Various sizes of thermal rolls available:
57x30mm, 57x40mm, 57x50mm, 57x57mm, 57x80mm, 80x60mm, 80x70mm, 80x80mm, 80x80mm, 80x150mm,etc.
2 1/4″x50′, 2 1/4″x75′, 2 1/4″x85′ 2 1/4″x185′, 3 1/8″x220′, 3 1/8″x225′ , 3 1/8″x230′, 3 1/8″x1250′,etc.

2. Core material and sizes:
Paper core and plastic core.
12.7mm, 16mm, 25.4mm

3. Packing:
50-100 rolls/carton
inner: silver foil packing or shrink wrapped

Any question, please contact us.

Epson 80x83mm Thermal Paper Roll

 Thermal Paper Roll 80x83mm for Epson printer

Roll Size: 80mm x 83mm
Width: 80mm
Diameter: 83mm
Paper grammage: 55g, 65g, etc
Core: 12.7mm paper or plastic core

Application: Suitable for Epson thermal printers TM-T82, TM-T88V, TM-T81,TM-T70, TM-T88IV,etc.

1. No ribbon required
2. End-of-roll indicator lets you know when you’re running low.
3. Tightly wound and precisely cut for high-quality output.
4. Bright paper provides crisp, clear, black images.

Thermal Paper Roll Sizes available:
57x30mm, 57x40mm, 57x50mm, 57x55mm, 57x57mm, 57x80mm, 57x83mm, 80x50mm, 80x60mm, 80x70mm, 80x80mm, 80x83mm, 80x150mm,80x200mm

thermal paper roll --Fuzhi Paper
Thermal paper roll--Fuzhi Paper

55g thermal paper roll

Basis weight: 55g
Brand name: FULAI
plastic core

1. Paper type: thermal
2. Roll size: 57x50mm, 57x57mm, 57x80mm, 80x60mm, 80x70mm, 80x80mm, 80x83mm, 80x100mm,80x150mm,etc
3. No ribbon required
4. End-of-roll indicator lets you know when you’re running low.
5. Tightly wound and precisely cut for high-quality output.
6. Bright paper provides crisp, clear, black images.
7. Available in a variety of widths to best suit your machine. thermal roll

thermal calculator rolls 2 1/4″x85′, 2 1/4″x165′

Thermal calculator rolls
Paper type: thermal
Size: 2 1/4″x85′, 2 1/4″x165′,etc (2 1/4″ wide, 85′ or 165′ long)
Core: 1/2″ plastic core
Packing: Heat shrinkable packing, 50rolls/carton
Application: fits thermal calculators & thermal printers
Popular sizes are available for your thermal devices.thermal calculator roll

thermal paper roll 80x80mm in China

thermal paper roll 80x80mm
Packing: 50 rolls/carton, inner heat shrinkable film packed
Width: 80mm(3-1/8″)
Diameter: 80mm(3-1/8″)
Core: cardboard or plastic core

Widely used in thermal printers and devices as POS terminals, cash registers, etc.
The 80x80mm thermal paper rolls are suitable for Epson receipt printers, Citizen receipt printers, Samsung receipt printers, Digipos and many more brands.

thermal paper roll 80x80mm--Fuzhi Paper

57×40 Premium Quality EFTPOS Paper Rolls

Premium Quality EFTPOS Paper Rolls

Sizes: 57x40mm, 57x45mm, 57x50mm, 57x70mm
Box of 100rolls
Our EFTPOS thermal paper rolls are suitable for most thermal printers, cash registers and credit card terminals.

thermal paper roll4 --fuzhi paper

How to measure a thermal paper roll

how to measure a thermal roll


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